Tree Trimming Ohio
​Why and when you should trim your tree(s)
​How much does it cost to trim a tree
Should you top trees?
​3 methods of trimming trees

​Tree Trimming- this means the cutting of dead, dying, decay, diseased, rubbing, hazardous, or unwanted branches. 
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​​​Reasons why you should trim your tree(s) in Ohio

​1. Health- trimming your trees keeps them healthy if done right. Proper trimming will allow water to flow to the parts of the tree that need it most, create a wind channel for strong winds to pass threw, allows your tree to grow old and stay strong.

​2. Safety- trimming your trees not only keeps them healthy but keeps you safe. Trimming away hazardous branches from the house or over any other obstacle keeps your family and property safe from
unwanted events.

​3. Respect- you can give or gain respect from trimming your trees. Over the years I've learned that trimming a unwanted branch from over the neighbors house or property goes a long way. So keep in mind that your trees may affect other people's property and lives.

​4. Asset- keeping your trees maintained properly can definitly make them a asset to the property. Maintained trees add value to any property thats a proven fact.

​​​Tree Trimming/Tree Pruning  Pro Tips


​But if you insist on it never take more than 25% off the tree at a time or you'll kill it
If there is more than 40% Dead in your tree then its time for Tree Removal.
Tree Trimming before and after
Tree trimming removal of dead limbs
Hazardous tree trimming
Raising the Crown- removal of lower limbs, suckers, and dead wood. Work area clean of all debris and raked . This is good for the tree and your property.
Removal of Dead Wood- Cut and remove dead limbs. This allows the sap to run to the healthy parts of the tree, keeping it healthy. Plus keeps braches from falling out the tree.
Hazardous Trimming- Removal of limbs over the house, power lines, fence, deck, cars, ect. It helps keep your property and family safe!