Variety of Tree Services
Top Quality Work for
Affordable Prices
Making your vision come true is what we do. Offering varity of top quality work for affordable prices. We take pride in our work so we DONT GET PAID until the work is complete and the customer is satisfied.
  1. Tree Planting
    Proper planting of trees can help provide shade for your outdoor oasis. Also can help cut back on your utilities by providing your house shade and protection from the outdoor elements. Don't forget the most important they create oxygen.
  2. Tree Trimming/Tree Pruning
    Trimming of the deadwood, balancing the canopy, removing any unwanted braches, hazardous branches, cleaning the wind channel. Pruning fruit trees or new trees to give them shape or to bare fruit. Click the button to find out more about trimming and pruning.
  3. Hauling Brush/Debris/Basewood
    Consists of removal of all brush, debris, and base wood. All which could be included in the price of a tree removal or can be charged separately.
  4. Stump Grinding
    We grind the stump of the tree with a machine called a stump grinder, 6 to 8 inches under the ground. Price varies depending on size and removal of wood chips. You can even have us lay top soil and grass seed upon request.
  5. Mulch
    Spreading of wood chips to gardens, trees, flowers, plants, bushes, playgrounds, sidewalks. Its always good to add some curb appeal to your property.
  6. Pipeline/Water Run Off
    We dig and run water lines to help keep your yard from flooding and keep water away from the house to prevent damage to your foundation.
  7. 24 Hour Emergency Service
    Storm damage, Wind damage, Up rooted tree, Lighting, or any other emergency. Call now 937-925-5739
  8. Tree Removal
    This includes removal of unwanted, hazardous, infected, diseased, decay or dying trees. Click the button to find out easy methods to tell if your tree needs to be removed.
  9. Gutter Cleaning/Inspection
    Removal of leaves, sticks, and debris. Inspected for leaks and proper support.
  10. Leaf Clean Up/Removal
    Property cleaned of leaves and removed
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